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Nail Beauty: Zoya & Shellac Wonders

October 18, 2017

When it comes to taking care of our nails, there are always going to be options to consider. After all, with so many different choices of colors and styles, it seems as if there is an almost endless number of options to try. Of course, when you really start looking, you will see that some of those choices are well worth considering. That is the case with the combination of Zoya and Shellac, two options that any girl should always have at her disposal.

First up on the table is Zoya, and this is a nail option that you are going to love. There are so many different colors in this collection that it can be difficult to choose the one that is right for you. Of course, you aren’t limited to one choice so you will want to have a variety of options available, including some of the unique filters and lacquers that really make a difference in the way your nails look.

One of the reasons why people choose Zoya is not only because of what is in the polish, but it is what is not in the polish as well. There are not any harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde and lead. As you will see on their website, they also say it is free of puppies and kittens. It seems as if they are more than a nail company, they also have a sense of humor as well.

Next up on the table is Shellac, and this nail company has a lot to offer as well. Like Zoya, they offer many colors to try but they are more than just color, they offer a degree of professional nail care that many other brands can’t touch. How is that true?

When most types of nail polish are applied it will have to be removed after a few days or a week because it begins to degrade. If it is left on too long, it could also cause some damage and discoloring to the nail. That isn’t the case with the Shellack brand. Their polish is made to stay on for 14 days and to look as beautiful after 2 weeks as it did when you first applied it. In addition, when you use the entire line of Shellac brand products, including the base coat and the top coat, you can be sure that there will be no damage to the nails when you finally remove the polish.

These Zoya and Shellac brands are not only for use as individuals, many professionals trust these options for their clients. If you want the best looking nails that include long-lasting color and are healthy, then these are the options you would want to consider. Not only can they help to make you look your best, they also give you the chance to experiment with a variety of choices and to have those great looking nails that you really want. Make sure you have some of these polishes available for the next time you do your nails.

I am pretty sure you girls can nail it!

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